These are the position I consider for my portfolio.

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  1. Solid watchlist!
    Unfortunately non of shares that I am following right now 🙂 From my study Shell have reduced dividends two times in the past decade as for Philips the great news the company haven’t reduced dividends. Sadly Philips rarely increase it.
    I will definitely find out more about Akzo Nobel, ASML Holding.
    I wish you all the best with new purchase, mate!

    • DutchIndependence

      I’m really trying to get my eye out for more European dividend stocks, currently also looking towards Britain with stocks like GSK, DEO and RB, and into German stocks like Allianz and Bayer. It’s just that there is too little capital to deploy to get all the stocks I’d like. What are some of the names you are following?


  2. Hi DI,

    It‘s always interesting to see, which stocks other DGI investors currently have their eyes on.

    Can you tell us, what the trigger is, that you base your investment decision on? Do you work with target prices and if so, how to you calculate them?

    Keep up the great work!

    – David

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks JiR, I have no calculations that trigger certain buying opportunities, this list consists of 25 stocks I want to own but are not necessarily at the best price right now. I get around to buying when everything seems to check out. If the price is low enough from the 52 week high, a nice P/E, good dividend raise maybe. There is no set rules in my book.

      I agree seeing what other people are looking at can give you great ideas and sometimes even opportunities. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great week!


  3. Bob

    Hi Dutchindependence,

    I see you have Lockheed Martin on your list. Seeing as you are a fellow Dutchman, any ideas how to invest in the stock? My trader (deGiro) won’t let me trade the stock.

    • DutchIndependence

      Hi Bob, I have no idea why DeGiro doesn’t allow for you to trade in the stock. I don’t really have a clue how to get your hands on them otherwise, I know at my broker Binck I can trade the ticker. Good luck finding a work around!