Trade Highlight #9

As I’ve said before, volatile times are opportunities to make money. Although the sum itself might not be my biggest profit, the strategy I used played out perfectly.

Last week we discussed a naked put option on a huge Chinese internet company. You can read this post via this link.


Here is the option I will discuss this week:

-P CSCO 18 OCT 2019 $43 $0.99

You can find the details about this trade on number #113 on my Options Page.

It was the 15th of August, I was still on a road trip through Normandy and Bretagne in France. The night before I had read that Cisco had presented decent numbers but with a cautious outlook post market. Right there I decided that the day after, a bit after market open I would take the contrarian position.

Background information

Cisco is a company that I followed for quite a while and I’m impressed with their business. They turned around a legacy company and made a subscription based sales model which seems to be working perfectly. You might understand a thing or two about this company by looking at the stock price graph.

A multi year graph of Cisco Systems.

As I’m impressed with the company and they presented good number, with just a slightly cautions outlook I knew it could present a good opportunity.

I sold a short put, which means I went long on the stock. I selected the October expiration date so that I had two months of time to see what I would do with my position. I was hoping for a quick rebound, but you can obviously never be sure if that will happen or not.

Well it ended up happening. On the 19th of August I managed to close my position with a profit of around 50%. The trade lasted for three market days and in the meantime the stock price went from $46 back up to $48,50.

Volatility of the earnings report went out of the option premium, the stock price rose just 5% and three days had passed which also took out some premium of the option contract. All in all it meant that in five total days of time I bought back my obligation for just $0,48.

On my account alone this came down to a profit of $48,22 or €43,39, 51% profit.

Taking profit is important too, at time of writing (the 3rd of September) the stock price is back to $46,80. There would be no problem and I would still have quite a big margin of safety before I could get assigned at $43 in October. However when you reach 50% profit in a few days, it might be wise to just close the position as you never know what could happen in the market.

It was a tiny profit of just €43,39, however I traded this position on four accounts in total. The total profit was €173,56, or more specifically for me €43,39 + (130,17*0,15) = €62,92 due to commissions on the profit of other accounts.

Long story short

On August 15th I decided to use a contrarian strategy to go long on Cisco System with a short put. They had fallen from $56 to $46 due to sentiment and a cautious outlook on the earnings call. Within just three working days I managed to secure a profit of over 50% on multiple accounts. On my own account I profited €43,39, including commissions on other accounts the total profit was €62,92.

To find more information about options CLICK HERE.

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  1. Hello DI,
    Thanks for the inspiration. I am starting with options and so every practical example is welcomed.
    I have sold put on CSCO as well but still holding. I didn’t catch such a good price.
    Good luck.

    • DutchIndependence

      Hey Druss, that is great to hear! I’m happy I could help you on your own journey. Good luck with the Cisco position and let me know if you have any questions!


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