These 5 things will improve my 2019

The new year has just begun and it’s time to look forward to what achievements will improve my 2019. It’s important to look forward and to set goals, you’ll have something to strive for and when the goals are reached it gives a tremendous feeling of victory.

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My Christmas Wishlist

It’s that time of year again, christmas. We all finished another year full of savings, investments and great conversations in our FI community. I’ve headed of to celebrate christmas with my family in law in Italy, but I want to use this opportunity to tell you about my christmas wishlist.

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What is Unilever all about

This Dutch/British company is based in Rotterdam as of 2018, it’s a large cap company with brands all over the world. Axe, Dove, Knorr, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Ben&Jerry’s, Calve and many, many more. But other than this, what do we really know about this company with a market cap of roughly 140 billion euro.

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Lesson learned.

I think for an average 22 year old who hasn’t worked instead of going to school I have quite a jumpstart to my financial life, but it can’t continue forever. Here I will explain what I did to get such a sum invested and why this year I will have to shift back a few gears.

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