Recent additions: 3M and Amgen

On wednesday 2 May I decided to sell my Ahold Delhaize shares for a profit of 38% as they pay dividends once a year and have no significant history of raising their dividends on a yearly basis. Together with some received dividends and the proceeds from this sell I decided to buy into two great companies which have been on my watchlist forever.


This sell reduces my yearly net dividends by -€37,49

I bought 3M, a great industrial and diversified company which has an amazing history of raising dividends. Steady as a rock. I decided to split my money and buy 5 shares of 3M, I will be looking to increase my stake in this company in the near future.

This purchase adds a net $23,12 to my yearly dividends.


Also I decided to purchase 5 shares of Amgen, a great biotech company with a great starting yield and great dividend growth ahead. They have been on my watchlist ever since December 2017. I am very happy to add some shares to my account and I’m looking to increase this stake in the future.

This purchase adds another net $22,44 to my yearly net dividends.

Overall change: -€37,49 +$45,66


What stocks have you purchased on the recent weakness in the market?

Happy investing!

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  1. Hello DI,

    I love your buy of MMM. I also pulled my buy trigger yesterday on MMM. And I’m happy about it.
    Glad to have you as co-owner 😀

    I’m not familiar with Amgen, I have to look into this company. What was your trigger to buy this company?



    • DutchIndependence

      Their growth rates where pretty impressive and their dividend increase for 2018 has already been announced last year. Their DGR is also quite impressive and because of the recent decline I decided I had to split the money I had between these two great companies!
      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Nice dutch. If i had usd id be buying 3m solid stock at a great price. Amgen ive heard of but dont know much about them.

    Keep it up

  3. Two great buys DI! Although I hate to see you go as a fellow AH shareholder I understand your reasoning. I’m keeping mine for some local market exposure.

    I loaded up on three stocks this week. I’ve got a blog post coming up but just finished my report for April. Pretty happy with those results!

    • DutchIndependence

      I can understand! I still have my Unilever which is ‘unsellable’ to me and I will be looking to increase that stake rather than Ahold. I will make sure to check out your new buys aswell!
      Thanks for commenting!


  4. I like both companies, DI. I’m quite interested in MMM after their recent decline – MMM is about as blue chip as one can get. AMGN is a solid biotech firm that’s been around for a long time. They’ve had a nice run the past 7 years after trading sideways for over a decade.
    As for a recent purchase of mine… I added to my PEP shares given their current weakness.

    • DutchIndependence

      Great choice adding PEP, I had my plan made for AMGN/MMM, but seeing PEP at $97 really messed with my head and I almost made another decision, very lovely and solid company!


  5. MMM is one of my favorite investments in my portfolio. I love the addition and I love that you sold a stock that doesn’t necessarily check every box of yours and put it into two companies that do.

    Happy investing DI!


    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks for the kind words, I think every DGI’er is all over MMM at the moment, nice value for a great history and probably future too! Thanks for your comment!


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