Recent addition: Kimberly-Clark

On monday the 23th of April I decided to put my received dividends combined with a bit of fresh cash to work. I decided to buy 6 new shares of a company I already owned which has seen some recent weakness. This weakness, to me, seems like it was because of a sell-off in the entire Consumer Defensive sector. Nothing fundamentally changed in my view.

KMB is a great company active in the consumer and professional workspace, they make cleaning products and also tissues like Kleenex. It’s a very stable business with a very stable growing dividend, they’ve raised it for 43 years straight.

In total I now have 12 shares, it made KMB my 4th smallest position (only Pepsico, Gilead Sciences and General Mills are smaller positions), it’s approximately 4,45% of my portfolio. This acquisition gives me another $20,40 of yearly net dividends. Making for a total of $40,80 yearly from my KMB position.

New yearly projected net dividends:




Due to the recent weakness in the entire sector I had a hard time deciding which position to add to, there are many great names in fair price territory right now and they are all very good long term buys.

Coming months I have to save more than invest, so I don’t see myself taking advantage of these opportunities unfortunately.

What buys have you made in these volatile times?


Happy investing!

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  1. BescheidenBeurs

    It is funny, I was also eyeballing KMB last month, not being sure to buy or not to buy.
    Then I had to go to the hospital (for minor surgery) and while I was washing my hands in the toilet there I noticed the marking on the paper towel automat, it said ‘Kimberley Clark’.
    I took that as a sign and as soon as I got home I bought 12 shares KMB 😉

    • DutchIndependence

      There is not a more clear sign that you should pull the trigger indeed! Congratulations on your new shares!


  2. Great buy DI! I missed the recent dip below $100 and initiated a position in the previous month @ 110. 9h well.

    Great to see you so active!

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks, I think it’s been a hot stock in our community as of late! Too bad you missed it, but you’re never to late to add more at a better price! Thanks for the comment!


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