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On monday the 25th of June I decided to purchase my first ever ‘non-dividend’ stock. I decided to get myself 33 shares of, a Chinese e-commerce giant.


Recently I thought to myself that my foundation of defensive stocks had reached a very decent level, I will obviously keep adding to these stocks and I will keep on searching for new bargains. But because of this thought I figured it would be good for my long term portfolio to add some growth stocks as well. I have been looking at Alibaba, and the recent IPO of Adyen in Amsterdam.

While Adyen soared around 100%, Alibaba and JD have hit some recent weakness, this made me initiate a position in the latter. Ideally I would have bought a bigger position but I need to save up some extra cash for the near future unfortunately.

I hope I’ll be able to buy more shares soon, and also start a new position with Alibaba. My main focus will remain dividend growth investing, but I’m looking more and more to broaden my horizon.

Do you have some non-dividend paying stocks, if yes; when did you decide they were a good fit for you?

I’m very interested in all of your answers!

Happy investing!

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  1. I would be interested to see on which fundamentals you based your decision on. Care to shed some light on that?

    • DutchIndependence

      First of all there has been a recent weakness leading JD down and giving us an interesting entry point. Furthermore I’m a big believer of the Chinese economy, the growing middle class, the growing use of internet and the globalization of the country. Then JD even has some impressive numbers themselves; revenues grew by more than a third and service revenues were up 60%. Annual active customer accounts rose 27,6% to a whopping 301,8M. I can totally see them keeping up this pace for the coming years. And then recently there was even the announcement that Google and JD would partner up and that Google invested more than half a billion into JD.

      All in all there may be some short term worries, but I strongly believe long term it will all work out very nicely.


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