Apple: My latest addition

Friday february the 2nd I decided I would put my last cash in Apple. Their earnings had been good in my eyes, yet the market put Apple 3% lower. So at a price of $163 I jumped in ($164,73 incl transaction fees) with 8 shares.

Now why would I buy them at this point?

I plan to make Apple one of my core positions when I have more money, and the stockprice is a bit friendlier. I think no one should ever bet against Apple, as they have this crazy moat, and everyone who has ever used Apple products is hooked.

The recent tax reforms will give Apple the opportunity to spend a lot of money on itself and their shareholders which gives me a very positive outlook, as they have over $200 billion in cash.

At this point Apple is recently valued with a P/E of 17,73, which in this market is very good. Their recent dividend growth has been amazing and I hope the extra money from the tax reforms will boost the dividend increases the next few years.


Total spent: $1317,80

Added net dividends: $17,14

New yearly projected net dividends:




Did you make any purchases recently? Let me know in the comments!

Happy investing!

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    • DutchIndependence

      Yes I think so too! Can’t wait to make them one of my most prominent positions!


  1. I think its a solid buy although the company is looking it’s magic touch. But that could be my personal bias against Apple:)

    • DutchIndependence

      I have to admit I had some doubts aswell, but against all odds the iPhone X was still the best selling phone last quarter which gave me quite some hope. I will however keep an eye out on their future products as I’d like a bit more revenue coming from things which are not just their iPhone.


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