This is my portfolio, consisting of a broad ETF selection and a few technology shares.

Updated on 15-05-2019.
TickerCompanySharesCost Per Share
BIDUBaidu 30$138,98
TTWOTake Two Interactive Software25$93,77
IWDAiShares Core MSCI World 65€46,56
WHEASPDR MSCI World Health Care26€32,92
QDVEiShares S&P500 Information Technology Sector326€7,23
VFEMVanguard Emerging Markets33€46,64
SPHYDANSPDR US Dividend Aristocrats18€45,39
R2USSPDR Russell 2000 US Small Cap8€32,11
TRETThink Global Real Estate20€37,07
VANGUOAVanguard US Opportunity Fund0,76$1.009,98
EMBiShares JPM $ EM Market Bonds11€96,64
LQDEiShares $ Corporate Bonds10€101,03
IHYUiShares $ High Yield Corporate Bonds0€0
EMCPiShares JPM USD EM Corp Bonds0$0
RABORabobank 6,5% 2013-perpetual1350110,44%

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  1. Good Portfolio. I had JD and BABA. I sold all of them. Now only investing in dividend growth stocks

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks Matt, dividend growth stocks are awesome so that is not a bad decision at all! I’ve recently switched from dividend growth stocks to a more ETF based portfolio, but I decided to keep JD and BABA for the huge growth potential. Once I have enough cash in ETF’s to feel properly diversified I’ll be coming back to the dividend growth stocks as well!