These are all the option contracts I trade. See how I make profit from selling options! Scroll down to find the monthly income results!

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Realised profit per month:

TOTAL: €25.620,94.

  • March 2020: €19.423,37
  • February 2020: -€100,26
  • January 2020: -€2.226,11
  • December 2019: €199,08
  • November 2019: €819,57
  • October 2019: €1.012,41
  • September 2019: €523,09
  • August 2019: €1.069,21
  • July 2019: €595,76
  • June 2019: €986,39
  • May 2019: €551,49
  • April 2019: €427,43
  • March 2019: €684,91
  • February 2019: €953,73
  • January 2019: €656,57
  • December 2018: €44,30

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  1. Wow, January was a phenomenal month, congrats!

    If your option premium growth goes on like this, your road to independence will be way shorter than you thought it would be, right?!

    – David

    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you David! It definitly was an easy month and I hope I can keep making money using options this way, I’m sure not every month will be a home run like this one, but every extra Euro counts right?!


  2. Bob

    Hi DI,

    couple of questions on your options portfolio:

    – do you leverage your options portfolio against your ‘normal’ stock & ETF portfolio? Or are these on seperate accounts?
    – where do you trade options? And why?

    • DutchIndependence

      Hi Bob,

      Good question. I have one account where I keep a certain amount of cash and stocks/ETF’s/bonds. These assets give me a certain collateral. Of this collateral I use around 60/70% to sell options. So the margin that is needed for the options is partly done with the collateral from the other assets.

      I trade options at BinckBank. I started my account with them in 2017 because they are the most decent broker in my view. After using their account for a little over a year I actually worked there for 1 year and 5 months. I just recently quit this job to move to Italy.

      Needless to say, as a previous insider I know the strenghts and flaws of Binck, but I still consider them the best broker of The Netherlands and I’m happy to stay with them.