Option Knowledge Centre

As I’ve received more and more questions about how I make money with options and how options work in general, I decided to create a dedicated page. Below you can find all my blog posts about options per category.

Option 101 series

CLICK HERE to find all articles in the ‘Options’ category, including the brand new option 101 series.

Trade Highlight posts

CLICK HERE to find all my blog posts about some of the trades I did with the most valuable lessons. In these posts I explain how I used a certain situation to create money with options. I will make you understand the way I think and act with these trades.

Weekly option suggestions

CLICK HERE to see my weekly articles about interesting names for option selling!

My Options

CLICK HERE to find a live document of the option trades I do. You can find all the information; dates, series, underlying stocks and premiums there.

Work for Others

CLICK HERE to find all the live documents that contain the option trades I do for other people.