October Additions

As I recently discussed in my ‘Chapter Two’ plan, I’m focusing a lot more on ETF’s versus individual stocks for now. This means that every month, on the 28th my periodical orders will be placed. Down below I will share the specifics and what it means for my portfolio.



The actual additions.

-iShares MSCI Core World // 10 shares for €46,17 each.
-iShares S&P500 Information Technology // 67 shares for €7,48 each.
-Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets // 22 shares for €45,43 each.
-SPDR US Dividend Aristocrats // 11 shares for €44,65 each.
-Think Global Real Estate // 13 shares for €36,51 each.
-Vanguard US Opportunity Fund // 0,38 shares for €328,54.


Current allocation versus ideal allocation.

As I’m currently quite overweight in JD.com and Alibaba stock my emerging markets exposure is quite high. Yet this month I decided to buy a big chunk of the emerging market ETF as the prices are quite depressed right now. Next month I’ll compensate for this.

I still have my opportunity to use some credit for 1,5% at my broker and this will be used when the Rabobank 6,5% perp bond will be at the right price, and/or when Royal Dutch Shell hits my price target.

Next month I will keep purchasing a substantial amount of these six ETF’s by redistributing the available funds according to their current market price and the allocation I seek. Most importantly; my iShares World index has to remain the biggest position, and number two and three should be my iShares S&P500 Information Technology and SPDR US Dividend Aristocrat ETF’s.


What did you buy this month, and what do you think of my buys, make sure to let me know!

Happy investing!

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  1. hey Dutch

    looks like some good moves. don’t know the etfs specifically but the diversification is great.

    I keep debating a tech etf just to keep that sector simplier


    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks Rob, the diversification and simplifying things are the main reasons I’m purchasing more ETF’s too. Thanks for your comment, and I’d suggest picking up a tech ETF, high growth and a good diversification, what more can you wish for?


  2. I see you used the market drop nicely. Could you explain a bit more about that Rabobank bond…? What would you consider as a good price and why?

    • DutchIndependence

      Yeah, I timed the transition quite well indeed. The Rabobank bond is a bond without a deadline that provides 6,5% interest and it is one of the more popular bonds I see among BinckBank clients. I am however also interested in purchasing a Emerging Market Bond ETF along with the Rabobank one to diversify even among bonds. Do you have any bonds in your scope yourself?


      • I currently have 2 bond ETF: an emerging market and a corporate bond. Planning to add continuously in order to keep the ratio around 15-20%

        • DutchIndependence

          Sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing. I’ll look into the PowerShares one from your portfolio soon enough!


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