November Additions

Another month, another list of ETF additions that have been made, also I added my first bond.


The actual additions.

-iShares MSCI Core World // 6 shares for €46,52 each.
-SPDR MSCI World Health Care // 10 shares for €33,24 each.
-iShares S&P500 Information Technology // 27 shares for €7,18 each.
-Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets // 2 shares for €47,54 each.
-SPDR US Dividend Aristocrats // 2 shares for €46,90 each.
-Think Global Real Estate // 2 shares for €38,07 each.
-Think iBoxx Government Bond // 18 shares for €13,63 each.
-Vanguard US Opportunity Fund // 0,11 shares for €101,304.

Also I’ve added a perpetual bond of a Dutch bank:
-Rabobank 6,5% 2013-perpetual // €1350 nominal at 110,44%.


Current allocation versus ideal allocation.

I’m making solid progress changing from a stock based portfolio to an ETF based portfolio. I got all the ETF’s I want now and will add a low amount of money to them monthly. I will not be looking at this portfolio often while just investing small amounts of money into the different ETF’s every month. I will need to add most of the money to my fundamental positions iShares World and SPDR World Health Care as these are the furthest away from my ideal allocation.

I remain to be over exposed to and Alibaba, this will most likely not change in the coming months due to low stocks prices and limited money flowing into my investing account every month right now. Also I hope to be assigned some Royal Dutch Shell stocks soon from my written put options, as I could use the dividend payments and the exposure right now.


What did you buy this month, and what do you think of my buys, make sure to let me know!

Happy investing!

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  1. Hi DI –

    Nice list of additions for November. I like the balance across the different asset classes as well as the diversification via the funds and ETFs. Overall, a good mix. – Mike

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks Mike, good to hear those encouraging words! Thanks for stopping by!


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