Net Worth Progression: September

After I reached the €50.000 goal last month, I managed to just barely stay above that same milestone in this month.

Although my investment income has been €1.788,85 for the month, current valuations of open stock and option positions declined more. This caused my net worth to drop by €577,25 or 1,14%.

My Net Worth Progression since October 2018.

The rumors from the White House about limiting US cash flow in to China really hurt my portfolio on the last trading day of the month. I’m not concerned about it in the long term though.

Investment income

In the month of September I have realised a profit of €1.796,98, this is €59,90 per day of the month. In total I have reached an amount of €12.602,57 or €34,53 per day for 2019, this is an increase of 262,71% over 2018.

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