Net Worth Progression: October

At the end of each month we will look at my net worth, it will consist of all my investments, long and short term savings and diversified items I possess. Without further a do let’s get straight into it.


As it’s the first month that I’m keeping track of my net worth I won’t have a comparison yet, but here is the graph just so you’ll be able to get used to it.

As you can see we’re on our way to a solid amount. The reported €35.477,68 is divided as follows:

-Stocks: €17.856,92
-ETF’s: €7.104,61
-Long term savings: €2.500
-Short term savings: €1.716,51

-CrowdEstate: €500
-ZonnePanelenDelen: €500
-FundingCircle: €500

-Diversified possessions: €4500

For more information on the investments above, make sure to check out my ‘All investments’ page.



Currently I have no mortgage, car or debt anywhere, it’s crazy to think I’m worth around €35.000 already. I’m really reaping the benefits of cycling and taking public transportation everywhere.

In the short term my stock portfolio will decrease and the ETF portfolio will keep increasing as part of my new ‘Chapter Two’ plan.


Make sure to tune in next month to check upon the progress we’ve made!

Happy investing!

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