Net Worth Progression: May

It’s been a while. Now I’m back to blogging I plan to regularly update my net worth as well. My total worth is based on my investment portfolio, savings account, other standing investments and possessions.

My Net Worth Progression Since October 2018.

In May the stock markets declined somewhat which caused my portfolio numbers to go down by around €2.500. But in May we get a bit of ‘extra’ money from our employers. It’s very common in The Netherlands to set aside an x-amount of your paycheck every month which gets paid out in full in May under the name of ‘vacation money’. Because of this extra payment I managed to grow my net worth anyway, albeit very lightly.

Since October 2018 my net worth has increased by 18,83% which I’m very happy with. A big part of this increase is because of derivatives that I learned about in November 2018.

I’m expecting the remainder of 2019 to not deliver as much to my net worth as the previous months have done. This is mostly because of the fact that I will move to Italy, without an immediate job and expenses in the form of a full time language course and a bit of rent. I’m hoping I can pay for this with the profits from my option trading so my net worth won’t decline over the next few months.

Income wise 2019 has been nothing short of amazing. At the end of May a total amount of €5.985,41 has been realised. This consists of option trades, sold stocks, dividends and a few crowdfunding investments. This comes down to a total of €1.197,08 per month or €39,64 per day. My 2019 income is already 72,27% higher than my 2018 income.

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  1. Very nice DI! Understandable that you’re expecting your NW to decrease with the move to Italy. But it’ll be worth it as soon as you get set up in Italy, find some work, and start the process all over again.


    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks for the encouraging words Bert, great to hear! Have a good week.


  2. Hi DI. Great work. Can’t wait to read the first blogpost from Italy.
    Does that mean you’re quitting your current job? You work for Binck right?


    • DutchIndependence

      Hi SD! And I can’t wait to write my first blogpost as an Italian resident either! Yes I’ll be quiting my job at Binck at the 12th of July!


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