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Net Worth Progression: July

I’m excited to write this post, although the market threw some tricky conditions my way I managed to increase my net worth. It’s not all because of the financial markets though.

As you might’ve read I’ve left The Netherlands permanently in favour of Italy. I moved towards my girlfriend and I’m living La Dolce Vita now (sort of). This meant that I got a smaller paycheck from my previous job, but it also meant that I got the deposit for my rental house back, €750, cha-ching.

My Net Worth Progression Since October 2018.

My net worth went up with €795,21. I will write down some things that changed versus the prior month.

I had to spend money on flight tickets, new items as I couldn’t take everything with me, a vacation in Positano. On the other hand I gained some money from the deposit of my rental house, selling a few possessions and my last paycheck from my previous job.

All in all the net worth increased steadily to around €50.000, this is crazy to realise!

Calculated from October 2018, my net worth has increased a whopping 40% or €14.192,76.

Investment income

In the month of July I have not been as active as I normally am, this is because of a two week vacation. However I managed to gain a total amount of €1.275,32 from my investments. This is €41,14 for every day of the month of July.

At the end of July the total amount of income for 2019 was €8.753,60 or €23,98 per day for the entire year.

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  1. Welcome back from the inactivity, and gratz on the €50k! That’s a rather impressive milestone. When I reached that milestone I thought to myself ‘Well, if I can get to €50k, I can also get to €100k’. Currently working towards that. And I’m sure you’re also going to reach it.

    • DutchIndependence

      Hi SD, thanks for your comment. I had kind of the same thoughts as you. Great to hear you are well on your way to a 100K too!


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