Monthly update: March

Three months have passed already, the first full quarter of 2018 is behind us. Time to review month #3!



I’ve transferred €46,84 to my broker in March, it’s my monthly pay out of FundingCircle cash which I always directly transfer to my brokerage. I decided not to add more cash to build up reserves for personal spending and to have more cash on hand when some sort of correction finally hits. After the rollercoaster rides this month I’m more and more confident a real correction is upon us.






I have made zero changes this month, after some rebalancing (selling NKE, CVS, ORC and CSCO) in the first two months of the year, my portfolio is steadily spitting out dividends without interruption once again. Due to some changes in my personal life like work and housing the next few months my priority will be on building up my bank balance instead of investing. Luckily however I have a steady amount invested already and the rewards will keep coming to me without even lifting a finger, the power of DGI!



Luckily I have some things to list here, this is perhaps the most exciting part of dividend growth investing.

Qualcomm announced a 8,77% increase on the 8th of March, this comes during turbulent times. Trying to buy NXP, having a hostile takeover happening by AVGO (Broadcom) and a year full of legal battles with no other than Apple. Yet they have great opportunities on the horizon and I’m confident the legal battles will get settled and the NXP deal will soon be finalized. The yearly pay out per share increased from $2,28 to $2,48. This added $6,00 before tax to my yearly dividends. My YoC increases from 3,96% to 4,30%.

-Realty Income announced another 0,2% increase on the 14th, this comes after their 3,1% increase back in January. This new increases adds a whopping $0,18 pre-tax to my annual payout. Not a whole lot, but you won’t hear me complain about free money. It was the companies 96th consecutive dividend increase, getting very close to a nice round number of 100!

Net March dividend increases: $5,25






Received dividends:

The total net dividends for March were:



Making for a total of €53,30




These are the companies who contributed this month:








I’m not quite sure if I missed something but Pepsico has not paid me in the third month of the quarter this time. Even though I ‘missed’ one payment I’m still up €10,16 compared to last year, an increase of 23,55%.



This month I have not finished my book ‘Onward’ by Starbucks chairman (former CEO) Howard Schultz. As I had a job interview, and limited time to find a car and housing (four weeks of time) and I’m currently even in Italy to visit my girlfriend I had little time to read. So far the book is very interesting and tells the story of how Howard Schultz behaved himself as a chairman and eventually decided to come back as CEO of Starbucks. He thought the morals and principals of the company had changed over the past few years and he describes how he wanted to change them and return to company to new highs.

Tune in next month to hear the ending!


Thank you for reading, I hope your March dividends were just as great as mine!

Happy investing!

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  1. Nice dutch.

    Sounds like you have alot on your plate lately! Nice income and great companies. Maybe pepsi just got delayed from the long weekend.

    Enjoy Italy

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks PCI!
      I have little time to be bored yes, I noticed Pepsico finally paid out and I guess it was just because the easter weekend.
      I will enjoy Italy a lot, it takes very little effort to like it here;)
      Have a good one!


  2. Agreed but I”ve never seen any true synergy between Qualcomm and NXP, even before NXP”s overpriced valuation. Personally I”d see a merger of Qualcomm and nVidia as having far more growth prospects, but I suspect Mollenkopf and Huang wouldn”t want to stand aside for each other.

    • DutchIndependence

      I think the NXP portfolio could add a lot of value to QCOM, however how the (potential) merger will turn out is a guess. NVDA with QCOM would be a killer combination but I don’t see it happening soon!


  3. Hi DI, nice solid results from some great companies. We share VFC, QCOM and O this month. I’m jealous on your Unilever shares. I defintiely want me some of those in the future. Although its hard for me to determine what the right value is, their still up from the possible takeover a while back and haven’t really come down a lot.

    Keep up the great work!

    • DutchIndependence

      That are some solid companies we share! I’m very happy with my Unilever shares and am always looking to increase this stake, recently at around €43 I would have added more if I had cash. For sure value wise this is one of the most solid companies in my view, an absolute winner. Good luck picking an entry point.


  4. Nice results! Although I can’t wrap my head around why you sold some CSCO. It’s probably my most favorite stock and I’m actually considering adding to it :).

    • DutchIndependence

      It’s a great stock, but I had such a little position that selling with 20+% gains provided me with a lot of years of dividend income. They are most definitly on my buy list again, I’ll just wait the coming years for a nice entry point. Can’t blame anyone for holding on forever with CSCO though!


  5. Surprisingly, I share 6 of the 8 dividend payers you had for March, DI. So, it stands to reason that I like your choices!
    Regarding your Q1 sales, I can understand letting CVS go, as the stock price may not move much in the short term due to the Aetna acquisition, and the dividend freeze is no fun. I don’t recall if they provided any guidance on how long it would take to reduce the debt to preferred levels. As for NKE, what was the reasoning for their sale?… Just not a fit for the portfolio as this time?
    Enjoyed the dividend income update, DI. Keep them coming.

    • DutchIndependence

      Hey, thanks for the extensive comment. CVS was sold due to the dividend freeze (as I had a nice gain on them) but I still like the company, NKE and CSCO were sold due to them being relatively small positions and so they paid me very little, so I took a nice gain and I’m now ever hoping to get them back another day for a lower price (higher yiel) and to invest a more hefty sum into these stocks at that time.


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