Monthly update: July

July has passed, I’m about to go on vacation to Italy and I plan to earn a lot of passive income while I’m there! In the meantime, here is the review of the month of July!



-Dividend income: €25,25

-YoY income growth: 252,16%

-Acquired 60 shares of and 100 shares of AT&T

-Used the first of my ‘Positive Debt




I’ve transferred €0 to my personal portfolio this month. Instead I used a line of credit at my Broker (interest rate of 1,5%) to spend $2137,03 and $3032,01. Also I’ve transferred €137,45 to my ETF account.




It’s the first time I used a line of credit to purchase a few stocks, I acquired the following:

-JD.COM: I wrote a piece about them in my last ‘Recent addition‘ series, and they continued to drop in price, enough reason for me to acquire 60 more shares of this ‘Chinese Amazon’.

-AT&T: As I’m a believer of the media future of this company I couldn’t keep myself from purchasing this stock around the $30 mark. I got 100 shares which give me a net $170 a year, more than enough to cover my interest charges for the credit I used.



Received dividends:

The total net dividends for June were:



Making for a total of €25,25

This means I increased my dividends with 252,16% year over year. It was a slow month for dividends, the lowest of the year but compared YoY I’m still quite satisfied!

These are the companies which contributed this month:


Thank you for reading, I hope your July dividends were just as great as mine!

Happy investing!

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  1. hey Dutch. nice month and great work with that line of credit. At that 1.5% interest rate its easy to get that yield on new buys.

    how long you got that rate? just make sure you pay it off before the rate skyrockets.

    keep it up

    • DutchIndependence

      As long as I keep my job I’ll have this offer. So I will build a bit of a buffer to be safe with the credit in case everything goes downhill!


  2. Nicely done! I’m not sure about me having a line of credit but a 1.5% one may have me thinking. I did margin when I started and it mess me up so bad I still have nightmares sometimes lol. Keep on adding as much cash you can.


    • DutchIndependence

      I can imagine Nandy, I realize it’s ‘playing with fire’ and I really hope I will stay sensible and use a little bit of credit to my advantage. I’m quite convinced I won’t spend as much of it as my own money. I’m sorry to hear it messed you up before, but luckily you’ve recovered in an extremely awesome way!


  3. Hi DI. Whoa! A line of credit, huh? The 1.5% rate doesn’t sound bad. Sounds like you are mindful of the possible downsides, though. Tread carefully.
    I like your increased dividends for every month this year. Nice work.
    I shared O and MO with you in July. Think MO will offer up a dividend raise in August?

    • DutchIndependence

      Yeah, I got an opportunity and grabbed it to gain some momentum! I realize it’s potential dangers and I’m quite nervous (and thus careful) about it. O has been such a nice dividend stock, spitting out dividends like crazy with some nice recent stock price gains. I really hope MO will offer us investors a little extra again this month as the stock itself has been doing almost nothing in these recent months, it would’ve been a nice time to add more shares for those looking to increase their tobacco sector allocation! Thanks for the comment and have a good week buddy!


  4. Hitting it with a 252% increase YoY. You must be very proud! Congratulations 🥂

    I also added to my T position. The coming quarters should already reflect some growth in revenues, earnings and cashflow. Really looking forward to those calls. 👍

    • DutchIndependence

      Hi DC, I’m waiting eagerly for the quarterly numbers of T, they should become more and more awesome! The 252% increase was great, but the actual amount of € received was a bit low. On to the next monthly report!


  5. Solid results and intersting concept of your positive debt use. Curious to see how this works out for you in the long run.

    For me a record month! 🙂

    • DutchIndependence

      Hey Robot. thanks for your comment. I am very curious to see the effect of this debt in the long term aswell! I’ll make sure to check out your report about your record month aswell!


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