Monthly update: August

August has passed, eight down, four to go. Last month I’ve had a nice month where I traveled to Italy for two weeks and my girl came back with me to The Netherlands for two weeks. She has just left and now I get to fully focus on my journey to FIRE again. It all starts with this monthly update of the month August!



-Dividend income: €78,36

-YoY income growth: 109,97%

-Acquired 20 shares of Alibaba and 25 shares of Philip Morris International

-Forward dividend income projection: +5,13% to €946,80 from a prior €900,56

-Had an amazing time abroad and in my own country with the person that’s most close to me.

Positano in the region of Campania.



After activating a line of credit through my broker and writing an article about it I purchased a third and fourth company with this credit.

-Alibaba hit $180 while I was Italy and a buy order triggered, shortly after the stock price kept coming down all the way to $167 and I was ready to buy additional shares a bit lower. But since their earnings report they have bounced back to the $180’s. I ended up with 20 shares which cost me an annual $54,10 in interest costs. Alibaba is one out of two stocks in my portfolio that doesn’t pay a dividend.

-Philip Morris International has been looking good ever since their stock price came down from its highs in the $120’s. I’ve been looking at them as well as at Altria. And the latter just increased their dividends with a huge 20,4% (for the entire year). This gave me extra confidence in both companies. I decided to buy 25x PM for $79,28 (incl transaction fees) and I have an order to add to my MO position at $57,50.


So far I’ve purchased 60x, 100x AT&T, 20x Alibaba and 25x Philip Morris International. This costs me $161,37 a year, but in net dividends I receive $266,90 from AT&T and Philip Morris. So far so good!


Received dividends:

The total net dividends for August were:



Making for a total of €78,36




These are the companies which contributed this month:


Thank you for reading, I hope your August dividends were just as great as mine!

Happy investing!

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    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks! I was really content with the perfomance of the portfolio too!


  1. hey dutch

    woot, sweet work man. Over 110% growth yr over yr and 2 nice buys.

    pm seems like a great buy at these levels

    keep it up

    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you thank you. I couldn’t let PM go at these levels, also closely following Altria and waiting for it to hit my limit order. I was really happy with the double income YoY as well, so far so good with my DGI journey!


  2. Hi DI. Nice work again. I love seeing that triple-digit YoY growth.
    I bought MO a couple months back just under $58 (if I recall correctly). Looks like you have your limit order set around the same price.
    I share 4 of your 8 August dividend payers with you (HRL, SBUX, O, OHI).
    Sounds like you had a nice time in Italy, and back at home… refreshed and ready to get to work now.
    Good progress, DI…. keep it going!

    • DutchIndependence

      Full focus ahead for earning more and investing more indeed! I had a great time and I’ll be looking to have more of these great times the next few months. But in the mean time I will commit all my attention to my passive income streams. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  3. Great month of August! We both received dividends from T, GIS, O, and OHI for the month. Great purchase price on PM as well. It’s certainly been beat down a good bit this year, not to mention the dividend increase. Same goes for MO too.

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks! We share quite some quality names! PM and MO seem to be powering through even though the industry has been said to be dead. I’ll be here… just collecting my dividends!


  4. Great job with your dividend income, Dutch Independence! That is a nice YOY growth. I really like your PM purchase at these prices. That is a stock I have been following for years now. Nice pickup. I had another good month of YOY growth as well.

    • DutchIndependence

      We as a community seem to be all about breaking previous (personal) records. Every month everyone seems to be killing it! I love my MO and new PM shares, crazy yield with quite some dividend growth left in them! Thanks for stopping by RTC!


  5. Another great month DI! The great results in 2018 continue. While I may not join you in the investments in Alibaba and other non-dividend paying companies, I was excited to see some of the results and additions to other companies. Keep on grinding my friend.


    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks Bert! I can imagine that venturing outside of the traditional DGI companies is not for everyone. I might’ve gone a little overboard by now but I will stay true to the DGI way from here on. Love the stability and the income itself. Great hearing from you, hope you’re doing well!


  6. Awesome results DI, as you know we share 5 companies this month! 🙂

    Interesting to see you using this line of credit thing. EVerything seems to work out for you! Also great to see you enjoying life as well, never forget that!

    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you for your comment, I’ve came to notice that we share quite a few companies indeed! It’s definitly been a interesting development in my portfolio over the past months. I certainly enjoyed my time abroad and have planned at least another two trips for the rest of this year, life can be amazing! Hope you’re doing well.


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