Monthly update: April

The fourth month of 2018 has passed and we are truely underway towards the halfway mark, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks for me. A new job after having an ‘easy year’ and a lot of new things to take care of, nothing too serious but it used up a lot of my time anyway. Let’s get to it never the less:



I’ve transferred €451,61 to my broker in April, this included my monthly return on investments from crowdfunding and a little bit of fresh cash.



I’m so happy (maybe a little too happy) to have bought 6 new shares of Kimberly-Clark, as sector weakness made the stock price of KMB go below $100 my heart began racing and I had to put a little cash in my brokerage and pull the trigger.

This transaction resulted in an additional $20,40 of net dividends a year.



My companies always come through, no matter the economic troubles, uncertain times or me just simply not giving them much attention.

Unilever, my favorite company and currently biggest position, has announced a 8% dividend increase! Also like last year they announced a huge share buyback program, last year it was 5 billion, this year it’s 6 billion. This news increased my pre-tax income by € 5,74. Great stuff from this amazing company.

-Johnson&Johnson also came through with a great 7,1% increase. The big boys are increasing their dividends like clockwork and this increased my pre-tax income by $2,88


Net April dividend increases: €4,88 & $2,45



Received dividends:

The total net dividends for April were:



Making for a total of €62,81

This was a nice 777,23% increase YoY. Ofcourse it was hugely helped by the fact that Ahold Delhaize paid all of their dividend in just this month, and that the Pepsico payment was a few days late. But still these are the numbers I like seeing!

These are the companies who contributed this month:

As my broker (and employer) announced a manual DRIP function for Dutch shares for a low cost I reinvested my Ahold Delhaize dividend into one extra share (for €0,20) and received the leftover €17,39.

The amount Pepsico paid should have been paid last month, but because of the easter weekend I got the funds in the beginning of April, and so I count them as Aprils income.



This month I read the book ‘Onward’ by Starbucks chairman (former CEO) Howard Schultz.

It’s a great book about innovation, turning around a huge company while the entire public is looking at you, dealing with difficult decisions to improve the company and all of this while navigating through a financial crisis of huge proportions. The book gives great insight in dealing with people, the public but also employees or as Howard calls them; partners.

It’s a great biographical story to read and I would recommend this book to anyone!


Thank you for reading, I hope your April dividends were just as great as mine!

Happy investing!

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  1. Congrats to another great month! That AD dividend made a nice contribution. Hope you also enjoy your new job!

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks RR! I’m definitly enjoying it, although the 9-5 grind is real, welcome to the real world I guess hahah.


  2. Looking good, DI. That’s massive YoY dividend growth. Congrats!
    I was able to benefit from the JNJ dividend raise, too. Always nice to get a raise. If only we could get them at work as often.

    • DutchIndependence

      Nice to hear we are fellow JNJ shareholders! If only I would have gotten so many solid increases from my job, I’d retire today!
      Thanks for commenting!


  3. What a great month/updated DI. These are excellent results right here. Not only did your dividend income increase a ton compared to last year, but you are fueling future growth rates with your excellent stock purchases. Plus, those were some awesome dividend increases received as well. Thanks for the book recommendation as well by the way.

    Take care,


    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you Bert, I’m quite happy with the progress I have made so far, but I realise there is a long way to go, but aslong as I enjoy the journey I’m confident I’ll make it!
      Thank you for your comment!


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