Monthly Purchases in August

As a believer of compound interest and diversification I tend to buy a wide range of ETF’s every month. My broker allows me to buy them twice a month without paying any commission. Here is where I breakdown the purchases.

To see what is currently in my portfolio CLICK HERE.

The purchases

All the shares that I’ve bought on the 28th of August.

As you can see I bought almost all the names I already own in my portfolio this month. The markets came down slightly from their all time highs and I felt confident to spread out my cash across almost all positions.

Current diversification vs. ideal diversification

A representation of my portfolio.

Dark green = Fundamental
Blue = Technology
Light green = America
Yellow = Emerging Markets
Red = Real Estate
Grey = Bonds

This is what I want my portfolio to become.

I currently have a long way to go to reach my ideal diversification. This is mostly due to the stocks I still own. I’m waiting to sell of the remaining stocks when the stock price hits my target. Afterwards I will distribute the cash based on valuations of the ETF’s.

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