January Additions

It’s 2019 and nothing has changed, my strategy of sending fresh capital to work in a selection of ETF’s keeps on going. We start of the year with additions of around €950!

The actual additions.

-iShares MSCI Core World // 3 shares for €45,95 each.
-SPDR MSCI World Health Care // 3 shares for €32,20 each.
-iShares S&P500 Information Technology // 44 shares for €6,66 each.
-Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets // 1 share for €48,82 each.
-SPDR US Dividend Aristocrats // 2 shares for €45,28 each.
-Think Global Real Estate // 1 share for €37,76 each.
-Think iBoxx Government Bonds // 3 shares for €13,84 each.
-Vanguard US Opportunity Fund // 0,08 shares for €71,92.
-JPM $ Emerging Markets Bonds // I purchased 0 shares this month.
-SPDR Russell 2000 US Small Cap // 1 share for €35,15 each.

Around the beginning of the year I decided to add a little extra money in my S&P Information Technology ETF. It had been hit hard around the end of 2018 and it was a perfect opportunity to lower the cost basis a bit.

In 2019 I’ve also continued my option selling and I keep hoping to add some great high yield stocks to my portfolio. Current contenders are Altria and as always Royal Dutch Shell. Exposure to the these stocks at my strike prices would be great, they’d add more than 6,5% dividend yield, great probability of stock price gains and the opportunity to sell calls and collect the premium.

I continue buying the entire range of ETF’s for now, I’m underweight in the world, health care and dividend aristocrat ETF’s though. Slowly but surely we’re correcting my Emerging Markets overweight position, but when opportunities arise I prefer adding accordingly instead.

What do you think of my ETF selection, what would you do different, make sure to let me know!

Happy investing!

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