My Christmas Wishlist

It’s that time of year again, christmas. We all finished another year full of savings, investments and great conversations in our FI community. I’ve headed of to celebrate christmas with my family in law in Italy, but I want to use this opportunity to tell you about my christmas wishlist.

I used to barely celebrate christmas, now as you might guess, this is a ‘no-go’ in Italy. And to fully immerse myself in my new holiday and tradition I figured I’d have a go at a wishlist, DutchIndependence style. ‘So what’s on this list of yours’ you might wonder, well… there are different categories.


  • Option trades: I’ve recently started selling options, and so far so good. My wish is to learn more and more about how to sell options in a strategic way to create a monthly option-income flow.A more volatile market so all my FI friends can go bargain shopping
  • Saving/budgetting: I hope to break through the 50% savings rate in 2019. Currently I’m at 49% every month.
  • Knowledge: I should make more time to read finance books in 2019. I still have a book or five to read, but once I get back to The Netherlands I’m planning to go to the library to pick up some more inspiring, motivating and knowledgable books.


  • Social media: at the beginning of December 2018 I started my Pinterest and Instagram account, after I’ve already had a Twitter account for quite a while. I’ve been doing my best to create blog posts and create three different kind of images along with it to post them on all the social media channels. The thing I really want to improve though is to communicate and interact more with every community around the finance subject.
  • Improved writing and creativity: I want to be inspired more often, my blog posts lack a bit of creativity in my view and I need to up my game. Also if someone could immediatly grant me the capability to write perfect English sentences with correct grammar, that’d be great!


  • Constant challenge: after hitting a promotion in the beginning of December my work has become a whole lot more interesting and challenging. I’m really hoping it will stay like this throughout the entire year, my job is the perfect place to learn more about investing, securities and general market behaviour. I hope to pick up as much information as possible!
  • Increasing my paycheck: I get the opportunity to take tests and get study books for free and if I pass the tests my paycheck increases. I want to combine this together with hard work and dilligent performances to improve my monthly salary.

Please tell me a bit about your christmas wishlist and your good intentions for 2019, even if they are not work or finance related they are worthwhile sharing with the community we all love!

Happy investing in 2019!

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