Back From My Break

As you might have noticed, my blog has been awfully silent since my last post on the 4th of February. There is no real reason to explain this, I guess I simply got tired of juggling a lot of different things at the same time. Maybe writing became more of a task than a hobby. Anyway, I feel energised to write again and I will provide a quick summary of my last few months, personal finance style.

Even though I stopped blogging, I definitely didn’t stop investing. I kept writing options, I kept buying technology stocks and slowly but surely I kept improving and expanding my ETF portfolio. For an overview of my current portfolio click here. For a quick update on my current option earnings click here.

Talking about options, ever since I became a broker in November 2018 my income has soared. The total income of my portfolio is now hovering between 40-50% and as of the 1st of May I beat my total income of 2018 with 31,65%. The average income of all my investments in the first four months was €1.143,59 per month. Of this number, 62,51% was earned with options.

My initial success with options has lead me to apply the same strategy for some of my acquaintances. When the profits have been realised I get a 15% commission which has added €343,60 of additional income in the first four months.

A little more personal

I have decided to quit my job when my contract expires to chase my dreams and to move to Italy. Currently I have a very basic understanding of the Italian language so I’m not expecting to find a job immediately, however I will keep trying. Plan B is to get a full time language course for the first couple of months while I’m there and to search for a job once I master the language.

This little planned adventure of mine makes me save more money than usual. I’m not investing as much as I used to, basically all stock or ETF purchases happen because of earned option income as I save all of my salary.

Still I’m not planning on using any of the money that’s currently invested as I would hate to adjust my numbers downward.

The future of DutchIndependence

I’m planning on using this blog more and more again, for the general Personal Finance theme rather than dividend growth or ETF investing in particular. I might even put a bit of lifestyle in there, especially if I leave the safe borders of The Netherlands and try to find fortune in another country.

Thank you for reading my quick update and enduring the three month break of DutchIndependence.

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  1. Welcome back DI. That is quite the welcome back post. That’s so freaking cool that you are just moving to Italy and figuring it out. Good for you DI, good for you! I’m looking forward to reading your expanded article offerings as well.


    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you Bert! Great to hear from you again and I’m eager to get back into following your journey as well! See you around!


    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you so much!


  2. Awesome! How interesting!

    I’d like to learn trading / options. How have you learned the skill? How can I? 😉

    • DutchIndependence

      Thanks! I only trade options though, I learned all about options when I got promoted to a broker function at work. It takes a bit of time, but it is well worth it in my view! You could start watching videos on YouTube from channels like OptionAlpha. They have a wide range of explanation video’s! Hope I helped slightly, enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


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