2017: The final numbers. 2018: The goals.

I gave investing a little go before 2017, it was through my bank ING, this was not perfect as half of the stocks I knew were not available through them. So at 10 january 2017 I opened my current account at BinckBank brokers and except for january itself, 2017 was my first full year of investing. Here is how it went:


I began by putting an aggressive sum of money in immediatly, and in the image below you can see my monthly contributions.

My first purchases came on the 10th of january:

-50x Unilever

-20x Nike

-30x Omega Healthcare Investors

And even 30x Orchid Island Capital (a stock I have now sold beginning of 2018, for a loss I might add)

Quickly more followed, the rest of the month I bought 10x Pepsi, 28x VF Corp and 18x Qualcomm. And so my dividend journey began.

The rest of the year these stocks followed in this order:

-Realty Income

-General Mills


-Hormel Foods

-Cisco Systems

-Ahold Delhaize


-CVS Health


And also I added a little to my QCOM, HRL, GIS and T stocks in the meanwhile


At the end of the year my total contributions have been €19.168,62 to my brokerage account, this equalled €111,40 and $726,52 in dividends before taxes.

I saw an average dividend raise of 8.45% spread out over 12 companies which was an additional €7,68 and $29,02.

Also I started investing in different platforms, like crowdfunding. I put €250 in 2 projects each which put down solar panels on buildings in The Netherlands. This platform is called ‘Zonnepanelendelen’ (Solar panels sharing, literally translated) and this will bring me between 2,5-4% profit for 16 years.

And also I put €1300 in FundingCircle, a crowdfunding platform for small businesses in The Netherlands (they also offer services in different countries though), with a wide range of yields, but mostly these are higher risk, and also higher yields.

This brings my total investment at the end of 2017 to a total of:


Now at the time of writing, 16-1-2018, this total value has already increased to €21.709,44

Not too bad for a 22 year old I reckon.


This is a nice bridge to my next subject: 2018 goals!

My first and most important goal is to keep motivated and keep walking down my current path to financial freedom. That said there are some specific goals that come to mind:

-Spread investments more across the globe, a more equal spread between the US and Europe would be great, throw in a couple of UK and perhaps even Chinese stocks and that’d be perfect.

-Acquire one or two ETF’s, a REIT ETF and a China ETF come to mind right now.

-Spread contributions more to different platforms like crowdfunding, right now my brokerage account is 90% of my total investments

-Last but certainly not least, knowledge.. I want to try and read at least one book per month in 2018. Knowledge in general is maybe a persons biggest asset, stock market specific, presentation skills or broad economics, nothing is wrong here.


These are my goals, what are yours? Any suggestions, comments? Let me know!


Happy investing!

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  1. This is certainly not bad for a 22 year old! Well done mate, keep this up and you will be surprices where you can be in 10-15 years 😉

    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you so much! Very motivating!


  2. Ilse

    Looks good! Would be interesting also to learn about your more long term goals and ideas on how to get there.

  3. One word: Amazing! I think you rocked this year especially at your age. Your portfolio is already 3 times mine and we started out somewhat at the same moment. It’s fun to see that we share A LOT of companies 🙂

  4. Wow what amazing! If you keep this up, FIRE will be coming in about 10 years. What are your long term goals?

    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you so much! These words are so motivating, every single time! I hope I can achieve FIRE in 10 years for sure! I suppose my long term goals are to achieve enough passive income to do what I like, which is probably part-time work and eventually enjoy a simple life somewhere in Italy or southern France.
      Thanks for the comment!


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