Chapter Two

You might have seen the phrase ‘Chapter Two’ somewhere on my website, for those of you that are wondering I’ll explain all about it here.

DutchIndependence started as a progress tracking blog for myself as a Dividend Growth Investor. Halfway 2018 I decided to change my investing philosophy slightly and change to mostly ETF’s or Exchange Traded Funds.

I chose this strategy to invest periodically into a nice set of ETF’s with more diversification and less effort. I keep a few shares of companies around as I have high expectations of them. As fate would have it, in the same time I followed a course at work and became a junior broker. This provided me with quite a bit of information about all kinds of securities and because of this information I decided to actively sell options for a bit of extra income. This way I have a very passive and diversified part in my investment portfolio, but also a more active, higher risk/reward part.

Along with this change in my investing style I came to the conclusion that I really liked my blog, writing and the personal finance community. And so I decided to change the blog from just ‘investment tracking’ to ‘personal finance’ and to cover a broader aspect of topics.

Blogging, hard work, saving money, investing, learning more skills and gaining more knowledge. This is what Chapter Two means to me, now on to what it could mean for you.

Chapter Two is the next part of your personal finance life. Maybe you’ve been struggling with your finances, living paycheck to paycheck. I hope to inspire you with my posts and my own progress to take matters into your own hands and to change from a consumer to a investor and to chase after that goal of FIRE, Financial Independent, Retire Early.

So while Chapter Two has been quite a personal experience for me, it’s also a part of everyones journey.

Please contact me through any of my social media channels about questions about my journey, progress, business opportunities or your own progress, I’m more than happy to help!

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