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I am mainly a DGI investor, but I too like to diversify my investments.

My taxable brokerage account is over 91% of my investment, but I also have 2% in crowdfunded solar panels, 3% in small business crowdfunding, 2% in crowdfunded real estate and 2% in ETF’s at my Fundcoach account.

Based on invested amount in Euro.


Sharing solar panels is what it comes down to, through crowdfunding you have the opportunity to invest in solar panels on the roof of a family, business or even sports stadium.
So far I have invested €250 x2, one project which is on the roof of a senior housing facility and the other one is in an open field in Groningen (The Netherlands) which will contain over 3.500 solar panels. Both projects last for 16 years, and the yield is in relation to the amount of energy the panels create from ‘sun-time’.
These investments have been made at the end of 2016 and I opted to not invest any more as these investments have to prove themselves first.

Expected average yield: 3,3%
Current profit: €6,62
Current allocation: 2%



This crowdfunding platform is all about local small businesses. They ask for a loan and they will get checked and graded. Investors can see their fundamentals and decide if they want to loan them money.
In my view this is quite a bit more risky than DGI, luckily the reward is quite a bit higher aswell! Projects yielding between 5-15% are common and offer a lot of diversity, I consider this part of my portfolio the most risky.
I never invest more than €100 into one single project, currently I have 15 active projects and my active money in my FundingCircle account is at €860,28.

Yield: 6,11%-15,58%
Current profit: €164,23
Current allocation: 3%


CrowdEstate is a crowdfunding platform for real estate (I know, shocking right?) I figured I wanted some exposure to real estate and this was currently the easiest way to do it. I have invested €500 in one project which focusses on two apartments in Wilhelmstad Germany, this project lasts for 5 years and pays quarterly. I only recently funded this project and it should start paying from March on, I’m very interested how this turns out and am willing to increase my exposure to these kinds of investments a lot more.

Expected yield: 6%
Current profit: €8,65
Current allocation: 2%



I opened my Fundcoach account at my broker in June, it’ll invest in two ETF’s for me on a monthly basis. I’ve chosen the following ETF’s:

-Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ~60%

-Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe UCITS ~40%

Expected yield: ~2%
Current allocation: 2%


This all comes down to an Excel sheet, which I will update here every month.

Updated 1st of September.

What do you think of my diversification, be sure to let me know your feedback!

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