I started this blog as a Dividend Growth Investor, but I’ve tweaked my strategy and plan for this blog slightly since the beginning. Now I’m diversifying my portfolio more with ETF’s in which I track the entire world, with a lot of asset classes besides that.

In April 2018 I started working in the financial industry and a few months later in November I got promoted to Junior Broker. I learned a lot, also about derivates. My favourite; Options! I started trading options and earning quite a bit of money for myself and for a few others. This has impacted my earnings from investments hugely. Those extra earnings also kickstarted my attempt to diversify my portfolio with multiple ETF’s.

More personal

I like changing things up in my life. I used to work as a cameraman for two years straight out of school. I studied general media and graduated in filmmaking. After a few years of shooting very cool gigs and always being busy with work, I decided I had enough. The pay check was simply the minimum amount employees have to pay according to the law. I was always working and I couldn’t never see friends or family.

I decided to follow my investing passion. First I took a gap year where I simply delivered groceries and besides that, I basicly enjoyed a free life. In this gap year I started DutchIndependence as well. I was deciding between a finance study, or a job where I could learn all about finance.

After a quiet year I decided it was enough and started applying at the brokerage that I used myself, BinckBank, and got hired in April 2018. Now, just a bit more than a year later, I quit my job. I learned a lot of the financial industry, which was great as I didn’t study anything finance related. I decided to quit my job to find my luck elsewhere. In Italy to be exact.

My girlfriend of two years lives near Napoli, Campania, Italy. After two years of long distance dating I’ve finally had enough and in July 2019 I moved towards her, permanently. I will study the language for a few months and will be slowly dipping my toes into simple jobs. In the meanwhile I’m starting my own business.

Me and my girlfriend enjoying a Napolitan sweet called Babà with Vesuvius in the background.

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    • DutchIndependence

      Thank you for the kind words and even for the display on your website, looks like something I’ll have to explore soon!


      • Robert Hopman

        I’m just keeping track of useful things, that’s all. 😉

        you can also recommend links 🙂

  1. Henry Mah

    Hi: I wonder if you might be interested in reviewing my book, Your Ever Growing Income, The Rising Yield on Investments? I’ve been contacting other DG bloggers in different countries to see how my strategy might work in their markets.
    Mark Seed did a review in April https://www.myownadvisor.ca/your-ever-growing-income-review-and-giveaway/
    Great you have started so young.
    All the best.